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perfomance art Drawing your movement

Draw Your Movements

• This workshop explores the way we collaborate and draw with charcoal through our body movements.

• It is designed to help you to relax and unwind, through the music and internal concentration that leads balancing your left and right side of the brain and your body.

• You will experience how you can draw like a compass but much free to make symmetric shapes.

• Enjoy the experience of creating a masterpiece from your body movements.


The theme of this workshop is:

There are many different types of body shapes you can consider when creating movement combinations. In this activity you will explore meaning in symmetrical body shapes.


N/B Participants have to wear black clothes since charcoal will be used.

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Messy Times Adults

This workshop will be the perfect opportunity for adults to distress, let go of their burdens and connect with their inner child.

It is a one hour session full of carefree fun and amusement. The participants will release all their pressure and stress in the form of freestyle painting on the floor and the walls while dancing. Adults will synchronize with the music, and live in the moment by being a free spirit again. 

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