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Our Story

In 2015, Lama Mardini Founder of Soul Art Center wanted to create an escape from our everyday stress just to simply unwind. As such Soul art center was born. It used to offer programs that are developed under the theme of Art & Movement. In 2020 Soul Art Center transformed into The Heart Connection . Where we are mainly offer online empowerment workshops facilited by Lama Mardini & Creative Team Building Activities. These workshops are designed to focus on empowerment, self-development, expression and connection with one’s inner soul as well as bonding with other for a happier world. The workshops consist of a combination of mindset shift, meditation, & creative expression such art, writing & movements.

At Soul, we are passionate about soul connections. It helps to truly bring out the inner-self and nourish the soul with a positive vigor through self-expression.  For ages, creative expression has been a means of self-empowerment and self-development, but beyond that, there is no limit to what art can do to an individual.

Our  Mission


Empower and connect people who are like minded to create a safe place for self expression through Creative Art and Movement


Our Vision

Encouraging self/soul expression through empowerment of human being to create a spirit of connection for a happier world.

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